Sold Archive

A look at all the unique coins & medals that have come through the CCM and have now found a new home.

China, Xin Dynasty, Æ ‘Huo-Pu’ Spade Money, c. 14-23AD

Turkey, Silver Kurus, AH1223/7

Straits Settlements, Silver Dollar, 1904, King Edward VII

Mexico, Silver Two Peso, 1921, 100th Anniversary of Independence

Mexico, Silver Peso, 1911, Cry for Independence 100th Anniversary

England, Queen Victoria Coronation Medal in silver, 1838

Royal Marine Naval GSM Trio to Private William Lean

Empress of India Medal, unnamed

George III, Gold Guinea, 1788

Hong Kong, Silver British Trade Dollar, 1929 B

George II, Silver Maundy Groat, 1729

Dutch Republic, Gold Ducat, 1750, Holland

Australia, Gold Sovereign, 1906, Melbourne

Australia, Gold Sovereign, 1910, Perth

Australia, Gold Sovereign, 1924, Perth

Australia, Gold Sovereign, 1925, Sydney mint

C. Naevius Balbus, Silver Denarius, 79 BC

Russia, Silver One Rouble, 1924г

Elizabeth I, Silver Sixpence, 1569

Sicily, Himera, Æ Hemilitron, 430-420 BC

Pamphylia, Side, Silver Stater, 460-430 BC

Hawaii, Silver Half Dollar, 1883, Kalākaua I

Hawaii, Silver Dollar, 1883, Kalākaua I

One Dollar, 1986, Bitten Edge Error

World War II, the Rats of Tobruk Medal, 1941

Army L.S. & G.S. to a Warrant Officer II, ex Tamplin Collection

Attica, Athens, Silver Tetradrachm, c. 454-404 BC

Edward VII, Gold Matte-Proof Two Pounds, 1902

Crimea Medal to a Lieutenant of the Royal Fusiliers, W.P. Browne

Justin I, Gold Solidus, 518-527 AD

Anonymous Issue, Æ Cast Quadrans, 280-269 BC

Macedonian Empire, Alexander III, Silver Drachm, 310-301 BC

Lesbos, Mytilene, Electrum Hekte, 521-478 BC

Boeotia, Thebes, Silver Didrachm, Ptoi- Magistrate, 379-371 BC

Australia, Silver Shilling, 1917, off-centre & no collar, VF

Tiberius III ‘Apsimar’, Gold Solidus, 698-705 AD

Japan, Bunkyū Era, Silver 9 Momme 2 Fun, Akita mint, 1862-1863

Lucius Plautius Planchus, Silver Denarius, 47 BC

Decius Junius Brutus Albinus, Silver Denarius, 48 BC

L. Julius Bursio, Silver Denarius, 85 BC

C. Considius Paetus, Silver Denarius, 46 BC

M. Aemilius Scaurus & P.Plautius Hypsaeus, Silver Denarius, 58 BC

Anonymous Issue, Silver Denarius, 86 BC

C.Egnatius Cn.f. Cn.n. Maxsumus, Silver Denarius, 75 BC

WWII Group of 5 to a Lieutenant serving in the Middle East

Vietnam L.S. Group of 5 to a W.O.II who tragically died in 1985

WWI Trio and Gold Fob to the 9th Light Horse Regiment, W.I.A.

World War I Trio to the 13th Light Horse Regiment, W.I.A.

Fine & Rare Sutlej, Punjab & L.S G.S. Trio to the Bengal Horse Artillery

Sutlej Medal 1845-1846 for Moodkee to a Bomber of the 3rd Brigade

Anglo-Boer War Yeomanry Pair to the 11th (Yorkshire) Company

Adelaide, John Reid & Sons Ltd Medallion in Pressed Leather

Victoria, Melbourne International Exhibition, Silver Prize Medal

Mughal Empire, Gold Mohur, AHxxx/2, Shah Jahan

Mughal Empire, Gold Mohur, AH11xx/19, Muhammad Shah

Ionia, Ephesos, Silver Cistophoric Tetradrachm, 82/81 BC

Pamphylia, Aspendos, Silver Stater, 400-370 BC

George IV, Gold Two Pounds, 1823

Edward VII, Silver Crown, 1902

Edward VII, Silver Crown, 1902

George III, Silver Sixpence, 1816

George III, Silver Shilling, 1817

Charles I, Gold Unite, Group B, 1627-1628

Charles I, Silver Shilling, 1645, Newark Siege

Charles I, Silver Pound, 1642, Oxford mint

Mughal Empire, Shah Alam Bahadur, Silver Rupee, AH1121/3

Sarawak, Silver 50 Cents, 1900 H, Rajah Charles Brooke

Brazil, Silver 960 Reis, 1821 R, King John VI

Netherlands, Utrecht, Silver 3 Gulden, 1793

Silver Florin 1910, aEF/EF

Indo-Greek, Silver Drachm, King Menander I Soter

Aksumite Empire, Gold Unit, King Ousanas II

Visigothic Kingdom, Gold Tremissis, King Suintila

Brazil, Gold 6400 Reis 1793 R, Queen Maria I

Charles I, Silver Crown, 1644, Exeter mint

Ionia, Teos, Silver Stater

Celtic Britain, Uninscribed Coinage, Gold Stater, Durotriges

Celtic Britain, Gallo-Belgic Issues, Gold Stater, Ambiani

Turkey, World War I, Harp Madalyası (Gallipoli Star)

WWII Group of 7, MBE, P.O.W. Camp Leader in Austria

Roman Republic, Late Phase Period, Æ Semis