Sold Archive

A look at all the unique coins & medals that have come through the CCM and have now found a new home.

Anne, Silver Sixpence, 1703, VIGO

George III, Gold Half Sovereign, 1817

Silver Florin 1910, aEF/EF

Sydney, King George V Memorial Hospital for Mothers and Babies

Parthian Empire, Silver Drachm, King Volagases I

Mexico, Spanish Colonial, Silver 8 Reales 1755/4 MM, King Ferdinand VI, Proclamation Coin

Bengal Presidency, British India, Silver Rupee, Proclamation Coin

Henry III, Silver Penny, Long Cross 5G, 1250-1272

Charles I, Silver Crown, 1644, Exeter mint

Ionia, Teos, Silver Stater

Celtic Britain, Billon Stater, the Durotriges

Ten Pounds Consecutive Pair, 1960, Elizabeth II

Commonwealth of England, Silver Crown, 1652

Victoria, Gold 5 Pounds, 1887

Philip II of Spain & Mary I, Silver Groat, 1554-1558

Scotland, New Lanark Mills, Silver 5 Shillings

Roman Republic, Late Phase Period, Æ Semis

Cilicia, Kelenderis, Silver Stater

Alexander III ‘the Great’, Silver Tetradrachm

Alexander III ‘the Great’, Silver Drachm

Islands off Thrace, Thasos, Silver Stater

Thessaly, Larissa, Silver Drachm

Archaemenid Empire, Silver Siglos, Artaxerxes I to Darius III