Sold Archive

A look at all the unique coins & medals that have come through the CCM and have now found a new home.

Elizabeth II, Gold Proof Sovereign, 1981

China, Xin Dynasty, Æ ‘Huo-Pu’ Spade Money, c. 14-23AD

Hong Kong, Silver 50 Cent, 1891H, Queen Victoria

Mexico, Silver Two Peso, 1921, 100th Anniversary of Independence

Mexico, Silver Peso, 1911, Cry for Independence 100th Anniversary

England, Queen Victoria Coronation Medal in silver, 1838

Australia, Ten Dollar Star Note, Coombs-Wilson, 1966, ZSB 34446⁎

Australia, One Pound, Coombs-Wilson, 1961, HI04 800000

Australia, One Pound, Riddle-Heathershaw, 1927, K9 529271

Australia, One Pound Mis-matched Numbers, HK13 723907 – HK13 724907

Australia, One Pound, Kell-Collins, 1926, H75 582374

Australia, One Pound Consecutive Pair, Coombs-Wilson, 1961

Australia, Five Pound, Armitage-McFarlane, 1941, R67 998138

Australia, Five Pound, Coombs-Watt, 1949, S23 563734

Australia, Five Pound, Coombs-Wilson, 1960, TB17 644531

Australia, Ten Pound, Coombs-Watt, 1949, V21 687295

Australia, Half Sovereign, Riddle-Heathershaw, 1928, A90 010988

Australia, Silver Shilling, 1933, F/VF

Australia, Silver Florin, 1917M, gVF/aEF

Dutch Republic, Gold Bezemstuiver, 1766, Holland

Australia, Silver Crown, 1938, EF

George III, Gold Guinea, 1788

Hong Kong, Silver British Trade Dollar, 1929 B

George II, Silver Maundy Groat, 1729

William IV, Silver Maundy Penny, 1831

Dutch Republic, Gold Ducat, 1750, Holland

France, Second Republic, Gold 20 Francs, 1851A

Austria, Gold Proof Re-Strike Ducat, 1915, Franz Joseph I

Malaysia, Gold 100 Ringgit, 1971

Cuba, Gold 5 Peso, 1915

Kingdom of Prussia, Gold 20 Mark, 1894A, Wilhelm II

Kingdom of Prussia, Gold 10 Mark, 1888A, Friedrich III

France, Gold 20 Francs, 1912

Australia, Gold Sovereign, 1900, Perth

Australia, Gold Sovereign, 1910, Perth

Australia, Gold Sovereign, 1911, Sydney

Australia, Gold Sovereign, 1925, Sydney mint

Australia, Gold Sovereign, 1925, Perth mint

Australia, Gold Sovereign, 1893S, DISH-S17

Australia, Gold Sovereign, 1892M, DISH-M17

Australia, Gold Sovereign, 1866, Sydney mint Type II

C. P. Malleolus, A.P.F. Albinus, & L. Metellius, Silver Denarius, 96 BC

C. Naevius Balbus, Silver Denarius, 79 BC

T.Mallius, Ap.C.Pulcher & Q.Urbinius, Silver Denarius, 111/10 BC

Portugal, Gold 800 Reis, King John V

Russia, Silver One Rouble, 1924г

Henry VI, Silver Groat, Annulet Issue, 1422-1427

Elizabeth I, Silver Sixpence, 1569

Sicily, Himera, Æ Hemilitron, 430-420 BC

Pamphylia, Side, Silver Stater, 460-430 BC

Attica, Athens, Silver Tetradrachm, 454-404 BC

Trajan, Silver Drachm, Bostra, Arabia Petraea

Prince-Bisphoric of Münster, Silver Thaler, 1661

Hawaii, Silver Half Dollar, 1883, Kalākaua I

Hawaii, Silver Dollar, 1883, Kalākaua I

One Dollar, 1986, Bitten Edge Error

World War II, the Rats of Tobruk Medal, 1941

Army L.S. & G.S. to a Warrant Officer II, ex Tamplin Collection

British Ceylon, Æ 1/192 Rixdollar, 1802, King George III

France, Silver Écu, 1788I, King Louis XVI

France, Silver 5 Francs, 1815I, King Louis XVIII

U.S.A., Silver Morgan Dollar, 1892CC

U.S.A., Silver Peace Dollar, 1928

Gold Half Sovereign 1903S, aVF/gF

Gold Half Sovereign 1902S, VF

Gold Half Sovereign 1906S, VF

Gold Half Sovereign 1896M, aVF

Cappadocian Kingdom, Ariobarzanes I, Silver Drachm, c. 66-65 BC

Attica, Athens, Silver Tetradrachm, c. 454-404 BC

England, British Dairy Farmer’s Association, Gold Prize, 1937

England, British Dairy Farmer’s Association, Gold Prize, 1938

England, Incorporated Law Society, Bronze Award Medallion, 1902

Brisbane ‘Peace Thanksgiving Celebrations’ Gold Award Medal, 1918

‘Cessation of Transportation to Tasmania’ in White Metal, 1853

Liechtenstein, Gold Re-Strike Ducat, 1758M

France, Gold 100 Francs, 1859BB

Edward VII, Gold Matte-Proof Two Pounds, 1902

Crimea Medal to a Lieutenant of the Royal Fusiliers, W.P. Browne

Ten Pound Note, Coombs/Watt 1949, EF

Ten Dollar Star Note, Phillips/Randall 1968, F

Ten Pound Note, Coombs/Wilson 1952, aEF

One Pound Note, Kell/Collins 1926, aVF

Two Dollar Note First-Prefix, Coombs/Wilson 1966, nUNC

Ten Dollar Star Note Last-Prefix, Coombs/Randall 1967, VF

One Pound Star Note, Coombs/Wilson 1961, gVF-aEF

Ten Shillings note, Coombs/Watt 1949, nUNC

One Pound Note, Riddle/Heathershaw 1927, gVF

Half Sovereign Note, Kell/collins 1926, VF

Five Pound Note, Riddle/Heathershaw 1927, F

Ten Pound Note, Coombs/Watt 1949, VF

Justin I, Gold Solidus, 518-527 AD

Irene, with Constantine VI, Æ Follis, 780-797 AD

Antoninus Pius, with Marcus Aurelius, Silver Denarius

Anonymous Issue, Æ Cast Quadrans, 280-269 BC

Hong Kong & Straits Settlements, Silver British Trade Dollar, 1900B

Macedonian Empire, Alexander III, Silver Drachm, 310-301 BC

Lesbos, Mytilene, Electrum Hekte, 521-478 BC

Boeotia, Thebes, Silver Didrachm, Ptoi- Magistrate, 379-371 BC

Sicily, Syracuse, Deinomenid Tyranny, Silver Tetradrachm, 480-450 BC

Australia, Silver Florin, 1933, aVF/VF

Silver Shilling 1933, aVF/gVF

Australia, Silver Shilling, 1921, VF

Silver Threepence 1912, gVF/EF

Æ Proof Penny 1960 Y., aFDC

Æ Penny 1917 I, UNC

Æ Penny 1920, dot above top scroll, Indian die, VG/F

Gold Sovereign 1925S, nUNC/UNC

Gold Sovereign 1872S, EF/nUNC

Gold Sovereign 1914M, nUNC

Gold Sovereign 1925S, nUNC/UNC

Gold Sovereign 1914S, nUNC

Gold Sovereign 1907M, EF/nUNC

Gold Sovereign 1871S, gF/VF

Gold Sovereign 1871S, VF/EF

Gold Sovereign 1878S, gF/VF

Gold Sovereign 1866, F/gF

Gold Sovereign 1863, aVF

Gold Sovereign 1870, F/gF

Australia, Gold Sovereign, 1859, Sydney Mint Type II

Gold Sovereign 1899S, gVF/EF

Gold Sovereign 1871S, gVF/EF

Gold Sovereign 1889S, VF/EF

Gold Half Sovereign 1912S, nUNC

Gold Half Sovereign 1909M, VF

Gold Half Sovereign 1897S, Fine

Gold Half Sovereign 1872S, gF

Silver Shilling 1925/3, EF/aUNC

Silver Crown, 1938, nUNC

Gold 1/4 Ounce, Nugget Bullion Series, 1986

Gold 1/4 Ounce, Lunar Series II, 2011 Year of the Rabbit

Gold 1/2 Ounce, Lunar Series II, 2012 Year of the Dragon

Æ Half Penny 1923, aVF/VF

Austria, Vienna, Silver Thaler, 1624, Ferdinand II

Tiberius III ‘Apsimar’, Gold Solidus, 698-705 AD

Vespasian, Silver Denarius, TITVS ET DOMITIAN CAES PRIN IV

Hadrian, Gold Aureus, P M TR P COS III GEN PR

Puerto Rico, Silver 40 Centavos, 1896, King Alfonso XIII

Turkey, Gold 100 Kuruş, 1963, Bullion Series

Netherlands, Utrecht, Silver 3 Gulden, 1793

Japan, Bunkyū Era, Silver 9 Momme 2 Fun, Akita mint, 1862-1863

Lucius Plautius Planchus, Silver Denarius, 47 BC

Decius Junius Brutus Albinus, Silver Denarius, 48 BC

L. Julius Bursio, Silver Denarius, 85 BC

C. Considius Paetus, Silver Denarius, 46 BC

M. Aemilius Scaurus & P.Plautius Hypsaeus, Silver Denarius, 58 BC

Anonymous Issue, Silver Denarius, 86 BC

C.Egnatius Cn.f. Cn.n. Maxsumus, Silver Denarius, 75 BC

M. Volteius M.f., Silver Denarius, 78 BC

WWII Group of 5 to a Lieutenant serving in the Middle East

Vietnam L.S. Group of 5 to a W.O.II who tragically died in 1985

WWI Trio and Gold Fob to the 9th Light Horse Regiment, W.I.A.

World War I Trio to the 13th Light Horse Regiment, W.I.A.

World War I Trio to the 20th Battalion A.I.F., W.I.A.

Fine & Rare Sutlej, Punjab & L.S G.S. Trio to the Bengal Horse Artillery

Sutlej Medal 1845-1846 for Moodkee to a Bomber of the 3rd Brigade

Anglo-Boer War Yeomanry Pair to the 11th (Yorkshire) Company

Boer & WWI Group of 4, Hampshire Regiment, later Royal Artillery

New Zealand, 1950 British Empire Games, Bronze Prize Medal

New South Wales, Athletic Association, Silver Prize Medal

New South Wales, Athletic Association, Bronze Prize Medal

Victoria, Melbourne International Exhibition, Silver Prize Medal

Mughal Empire, Gold Mohur, AHxxx/2, Shah Jahan

Mughal Empire, Gold Mohur, AH11xx/19, Muhammad Shah

Ptolemaic Kingdom, Ptolemy I, Silver Tetradrachm, 305/4-282 BC

Kingdom of Macedon, Alexander III, Silver Tetradrachm, 307-297 BC

Cilicia, Korykos, Æ Unit (22mm), 1st century BC

Ionia, Ephesos, Silver Cistophoric Tetradrachm, 82/81 BC

Pamphylia, Aspendos, Silver Stater, 400-370 BC

Phocas, Gold Solidus, 602-610 AD

Heraclius, Gold Solidus, 610-641 AD

George IV, Gold Two Pounds, 1823

Edward VII, Silver Crown, 1902

Edward VII, Silver Crown, 1902

Victoria, Silver Florin, 1892, Key Date

Anne, Silver Sixpence, 1703, VIGO

George III, Silver Sixpence, 1816

George III, Silver Threepence, 1762

George III, Silver Shilling, 1817

George IV, Gold Sovereign, 1822

George IV, Gold Sovereign, 1827

George III, Gold Half Sovereign, 1817

Galba, Billon Tetradrachm, Alexandria

Augustus, Æ As, Hispania

Charles I, Gold Unite, Group B, 1627-1628

Charles I, Silver Shilling, 1645, Newark Siege

Charles I, Silver Pound, 1642, Oxford mint

Queensland, 1859-1909 Jubilee, Agricultural & Industrial, Bronze Prize Medal

Queensland, Mackay Pastoral & Mining, Silver Prize Medal

British East India Company, Silver Half Rupee, 1835, William IV

Mughal Empire, Shah Alam Bahadur, Silver Rupee, AH1121/3

French India, Silver Half Rupee, AH1198

Sarawak, Silver 50 Cents, 1900 H, Rajah Charles Brooke

Danzig, Silver 5 Gulden, 1927

Austria, Prince Archbishophric of Salzberg, Silver Thaler, 1664

Brazil, Silver 960 Reis, 1821 R, King John VI

Netherlands, Utrecht, Silver 3 Gulden, 1793

Ceylon, British, Silver Rix Dollar, 1821, King George IV

Russia, Silver One Rouble,1738 СПБ, Empress Anna Ioannovna

Silver Florin 1934, EF

Æ Half Penny 1930, gEF/aUNC

Æ Half Penny 1914, gEF/aUNC

Æ Penny 1940, ‘K.G’ Type, EF/aUNC

Æ Penny 1920, Dot below bottom scroll, aEF/EF

Æ Penny 1914, EF

Silver Threepence 1916M, aEF

Silver Threepence 1934/3 overdate, aVF

Silver Sixpence 1922, VF

Silver Sixpence 1936, aUNC/UNC

Silver Florin 1910, aEF/EF

Silver Florin 1934, EF/aUNC

Silver Florin 1915H, aVF/VF

Tasmania, Council of Education Specimen Award Medal in Bronze

Sydney, King George V Memorial Hospital for Mothers and Babies

Indo-Greek, Silver Drachm, King Menander I Soter

Aksumite Empire, Gold Unit, King Ousanas II

Visigothic Kingdom, Gold Tremissis, King Suintila

Mexico, Spanish Colonial, Silver 8 Reales 1755/4 MM, King Ferdinand VI, Proclamation Coin

Brazil, Gold 6400 Reis 1793 R, Queen Maria I

Brazil, Gold 12,800 Reis, 1731 M, King John V

Bengal Presidency, Gold Mohur, AH1202, 1831-1835 AD

George III, Æ ‘Cartwheel’ Penny, 1797

Bengal Presidency, British India, Silver Rupee, Proclamation Coin

Henry III, Silver Penny, Long Cross 5G, 1250-1272

Charles I, Silver Crown, 1644, Exeter mint

Edward VI, Silver Sixpence, 1551-1553

Ionia, Teos, Silver Stater

Temnos, Aeolis, Silver Tetradrachm, Types of Alexander III

Anglo-Saxon England, Æthelred II ‘the Unready’, Silver Penny

Anglo-Saxon England, Cnut, Silver Penny, Quatrefoil Type

Celtic Britain, Billon Stater, the Durotriges

Celtic Britain, Uninscribed Coinage, Gold Stater, Durotriges

Celtic Britain, Gallo-Belgic Issues, Gold Stater, Ambiani

British India, Silver Proof Rupee, 1909B, Edward VII

New Zealand, Ten Dollar Star Note, Consecutive Pair, 1977-1981

Ten Pounds Consecutive Pair, 1960, Elizabeth II

Turkey, World War I, Harp Madalyası (Gallipoli Star)

Spain, Spanish Civil War, Medalla de la Campaña

France, WWI, Croix de Guerre

WWII Group of 7, MBE, P.O.W. Camp Leader in Austria

WWI Trio to the 13th Light Horse regiment

Commonwealth of England, Silver Crown, 1652

Victoria, Gold 5 Pounds, 1887

Charles I, Silver Crown, 1632-1633

Commonwealth of England, Silver Sixpence, 1651

Elizabeth I, Silver One Testern, East India Company

Philip II of Spain & Mary I, Silver Groat, 1554-1558

Hong Kong, British Colonial, Silver Dollar 1868, Victoria

Scotland, New Lanark Mills, Silver Countermarked 5 Shillings

Spain, Crown of Aragon, Silver Half Groat, Ferdinand II

Roman Republic, Late Phase Period, Æ Semis

Philip II, Silver Tetradrachm, Antioch, Seleucis & Pieria

Cilicia, Kelenderis, Silver Stater

Spanish Netherlands, Gold Ducat, Philip II of Spain

Thrace, Maroneia, Silver Tetradrachm

C. Gargonius, Ogulnius, & M. Vergilius, Silver Denarius, 86 BC

Alexander III ‘the Great’, Silver Tetradrachm

Alexander III ‘the Great’, Silver Drachm

Islands off Thrace, Thasos, Silver Stater

Thessaly, Larissa, Silver Drachm

Archaemenid Empire, Silver Siglos, Artaxerxes I to Darius III