Ancient Roman Coinage
Medallions, Tokens and Check-pieces
An Interpretation of ‘Victory in a Quadriga’ on a Silver Denarius
An Interpretation of ‘Victory in a Quadriga’ on a Silver Denarius
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Welcome to Colonial Coins & Medals

Colonial Coins and Medals are one of Australia’s leading Numismatic companies that prides itself on expertise, professionalism, and it’s bespoke, traditional service. We are a small, cohesive team of numismatists with decades of experience dealing in virtually all aspects of Numismatics; we pride ourselves on our diverse range of interest and expertise, and our multifaceted product on offer is a cornerstone of our business so that we may bring to you, our clients, the best that Numismatics may offer.

When experiencing our website, you will find a wide variety of Categories; foremost we offer Coins, encompassing those such as ancient coins – Greek, Ancient Roman and Byzantine, as well as English and later Great British coins, all world coins, and finally Indian and Islamic Coins. This will include a wide variety of grades and rarities, from types of exceptional quality and price to those that are affordable yet equally as interesting. Secondly and thirdly, we are established specialists in War Medals and maintain an impressive variety of groups, as well as banknotes, both of which with a focus on Australian, British and British Commonwealth. Lastly, we offer Medallions, Tokens, Check pieces and Badges that contains a diverse range of exceptionally interesting pieces, such as Australian Convict Tokens, or World Commemorative Medallions for example.

Our aim is simple: to offer our clients the highest quality service possible. We are passionate about the material we offer and hope to promote that same passion within our community through our numismatic expertise and professionalism – although we operate a simple Cart and Check-out system, we still hope to promote conversation through the enquire option. To learn more about our history as a business, feel free to visit our about us page, and also follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Please enjoy your time on our website – we are always in the process of populating each category with stock.

Our Values

Colonial Coins and Medals have been professional numismatic dealers at the heart of Brisbane since 1985. We have a busy retail shop in the heart of the Brisbane Central Business District and always welcome you to visit if you’re interested in buying or selling. As foundation members of the Australasian Numismatic Dealers Association you can “Deal with us with confidence” – we are proud of and highly value our reputation both here in Australia and Overseas.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, feel free to send us an inquiry email.

Medallions, Tokens & Check Pieces

Sell To Us or Consign to Us

As an active retail dealership, we are always interested in buying numismatic related items, bullion (gold and silver), banknotes of all types, war medals, badges and selected militaria. We will happily take a look at all collections that are brought to us with the intention of being sold, and will always give you a fair, competitive offer. In order for us to give you the best service we can, communication is essential and should be done, such as through email, to ascertain how we can help! If you are local to Brisbane or in the immediate area of South-East Queensland, we would be glad to see you in our retail shop, or perhaps a home visit if need be.

Consignment is also an option for more expensive pieces, allowing us to be your agent to sell your pieces through our website or, on your behalf, consign them through sales that would achieve the best prices. This would work on a pre-arranged commission basis.