Much like many things, Colonial Coins and Medals owes its foundations as a numismatic dealership to humble beginnings – the childhood interest of its founder, Peter Brooks. Peter had many passions as a young boy, always interested in science and nature, and pursued these as a young man in his university pursuits as well as his first full time job with the CSIRO. This was certainly not his calling, as amongst these interests was the keen passion for the art of collecting. Be it collecting coins, tokens, or check pieces, Peter loved many areas of his collection and appreciated, most importantly, the very essence of what it is to collect: to explore your passion and collect out of enjoyment, happiness, and self-betterment. A fond memory he would recall was when he was 16 and visiting London with his father John – their holiday schedules would always have some leeway as Peter loved to visit coin shops along the way. In this case, he visited ‘David Bark Rare Coin Gallery’ in the Haymarket London where he bought a mint state Charles II 1665 Pattern Farthing struck in silver, a coin we still own today. A beautiful and quite appropriate story as both his parents would support his dreams to move from his research job with CSIRO and take up the journey of becoming a coin dealer.

First conceptualized as ‘City Stamps and Coins’ in July 1985, the business would condense its scope and be re-imagined as ‘Brisbane Coin Gallery’ two years later as a partnership. This joint enterprise would continue for about two years until parting ways, after which Peter would become ‘Colonial Rare Coins’ – the structural foundations of what the business is now. The name Colonial Coins and Medals would be born out of necessity as, unfortunately, confusion would arise as people believed he only dealt in ‘rare colonial’ coins! Although a minor setback, this was possibly a blessing in disguise – now an established dealer with the appropriate name, Peter would purchase the current retail position in Brisbane CBD from Frank Taylor in 1997. Frank was a long time, established coin dealer and was the figurehead of ‘Taylor’s Coin Service’, a numismatic company that was founded in 1966 at the dawn of Australia’s Decimal Coinage. Inheriting some goodwill and a prominent position in the Brisbane CBD, coupled with his reputation as an up and coming knowledgeable numismatist, Peter would build the business to where it is today.

Colonial Coins and Medals would continue its retail presence and venture into several pursuits, most notably would be 18 Numismatic auctions in the early 2000s that would spearhead the business into the worldwide market. Peter would maintain this national presence and be a frequent world traveller, building business relationships with many of the numismatic dealers in the United Kingdom and Asia. Peter’s son Charles joined the business full time in 2020, a formidable team! Charlie’s energy and enthusiasm have moved us forward and have been responsible for the creation of this website, our social media presence, and the “Colonial Gazette”, our online blog, which will contain interesting articles about all areas of numismatics.

Our philosophy is simple. We offer the highest quality service possible. We are passionate about the material we offer and hope to promote that same passion within our community through our numismatic expertise, business professionalism, and our bespoke service. As it stands, we are not employing a Cart and Check-out system with ordering, rather we are using an inquire system to promote a genuine conversation with you, the client, to better play our part in improving your numismatic collection.

We are always looking to purchase either single numismatic items or whole collections, and are able to offer direct purchase or consignment.  It would be our pleasure to explore the options available to you.

Please enjoy our website. We look forward to hearing from you anytime.