Sell to us or Consign through us

As an active retail dealership, we are always interested in buying numismatic related items, bullion (gold and silver), banknotes of all types, war medals, badges and selected militaria. We will happily take a look at all collections that are brought to us with the intention of being sold, and will always give you a fair, competitive offer. In order for us to give you the best service we can, communication is essential and should be done, such as through email, to ascertain how we can help! If you are local to Brisbane or in the immediate area of South-East Queensland, we would be glad to see you in our retail shop, or perhaps a home visit if need be.

Consignment is also an option for more expensive pieces, allowing us to be your agent to sell your pieces through our website or, on your behalf, consign them through sales that would achieve the best prices. This would work on a pre-arranged commission basis.